08 gru 2023, Male

The Maldives Long Run 2023



08/12/2023 02:00 42.2km

Half Marathon
08/12/2023 05:20 21.1km

08/12/2023 06:00 10km

08/12/2023 07:00 5km

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in the past, we have also come across certain teams and the supporters of the team, making arrangements on the race course to provide water, sports drinks, and other necessary aids to their runners. these acts, although carried out in very good intentions, do contradict with our responsibilities as an event organizer, and other protocols and arrangements. for example, local Police gets briefed on the exact locations in which such stations will be held, and it is often the case that Police will advice such locations keeping in mind the traffic and other motorists that might be sharing the streets on the race day. so under no circumstance can you carry out such an act.

also in the past we have noticed some finishers choosing to support their friends, family member or others to the finish line. while supporting is great sportsmanship, we highly discourage crossing the finish line again with the new runner. every runner has a story, and we want to help these runners capture their most crucial moment by way of photographs. thus, we will ask any such runner trying to help other runners by way of crossing the finish line a second time, or with no bibs, to remove themselves from the race course.

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