14 jun 2024, Bombay


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10 Km
16/06/2024 06:00 10km

25 km
16/06/2024 06:00 25km

50 km
15/06/2024 06:00 50km

75 km
15/06/2024 06:00 75km

100 Km
15/06/2024 06:00 100km

100 mile
14/06/2024 13:00 161km

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  1. Make sure you are carrying your own water bottle/vest/flask etc for hydration support Without water bottle you will not be allowed to run the race!
  2. All participants must abide by the rules and regulations of THE GREAT MAWLA GHAATI ULTRA. The Race Director’s and other associates of Indian Sports Revolution’s decision is final in any case.
  3. All participants of THE GREAT MAWLA GHAATI ULTRA must have completed 18 years of age on or before 14/06/2024.
  4. All participants must understand and participate in THE GREAT MAWLA GHAATI ULTRA at their own personal risk.
  5. You release and waive off race organisers, their volunteers, and partners from liability for all losses, damages, injury, claims, demands, expenses, and any other liability, physical, psychological, or death or otherwise, directly or indirectly arising out of your participation in THE GREAT MAWLA GHAATI ULTRA.
  6. All participants must possess all the necessary gear for mountain and trail running with them during the trail run. The list of items include mobile phone with our helpline number 8007865822 saved, trail running shoes and socks, choice of running apparel, bandana, gloves, wind proof jacket, sunglasses, minimum 1 litre of water, electrolyte powder or tablet, headlamp, also trekking poles (if necessary), 1 or 2 fruits, energy bar/gels.
  7. You must be aware that the property you will be running on is the property of Maharashtra State Forest Department, Maharashtra State Archeology Department, Maharashtra State Public Works Department, Village Gram Panchayat limits, and that you will respect the environment you are passing through at all times.
  8. You will deal with any difficulties that arise during the run by yourself, without outside help, with regards to changes in climatic and geographical conditions at high altitude.
  9. You will manage yourself with physical and mental problems that arise from small injuries, muscle and articular pains, fatigue, nausea, digestive problems. Be totally aware that Indian Sports Revolution will not be able to help you manage these problems.
  10. We reiterate that you will be present in a very fragile eco-system, we require you to have prior mountain running training/experience to have the required presence of mind during the trail run.
  11. All participants must stay on the official marked course during their run of the race.
  12. The entire course will be well marked, ensure to keep an eye on the stewards stationed at various points who will caution you to go slow. There are points where the soil is very loose, so in order to avoid accidents it is mandatory for the runners to look before you proceed.
  13. The course is filled with beautiful single track trails, and breathtaking single track mountain ridges. Strictly no overtaking in these areas, watch out for no overtaking signs. We do not want you or your fellow participants to risk your safety.
  14. In case of emergency or injury to you or fellow participant, contact our helpline numbers 8007865822 and mention your current location and type of assistance required.
  15. Usage of trekking poles is optional, but if you are using them, you will have to make sure you are not getting them in fellow runner’s way, and protect them from the points of the poles.
  16. Participants must not throw trash/rubbish/garbage/plastic trash/rubbish/garbage that you possess anywhere on the mountain trail route.
  17. There will be disqualification if you do not pass through compulsory check points.
  18. There will be a straight disqualification from the race if you have caused physical harm and injury to any of the fellow participants.
  19. You will give your full consent to the medical staff for providing you medical treatment during the trail run.
  20. Competitors must give assistance to fellow participants who may be injured or distressed. We will take into account the time spent on this assistance taking into consideration the type of assistance.
  21. Any retirement (self or forced) from race must take place only at a check point unless in extreme situations. If you think you cannot go any further, we strongly recommend you to take retirement, albeit sportingly, and come back stronger in the next edition, there will always be another time.
  22. You agree to pay the registration fees in full at the time of registration, and understand there will not be any refund for paid amount in any circumstance.
  23. You agree that there will be no transfer of registration to any other person apart from you, in any circumstance.


The following regulations are applicable to those attending the trail run including participants, organizers, volunteers, friends and family:


The Great Mawla Ghaati Ultra are conducted in the forests of Maharashtra, which are conserved by the forest territory offices of respective regions. The forests are a part of the Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra, a Unesco World Heritage Site for BioDiversity Hotspot. These forests are fragile eco-system and the area must be respected by each and everyone who is present there before, during, or after the race.


The forts are protected monuments of State of Maharashtra; they are presently the only remnants of 16th century architecture which have survived war and natural disasters. They are very fragile and it is advised to runners and guests to not damage the structure in any way. Some parts of the forts of Maharashtra are currently under renovation & restructuring. It is understood that runners should not disturb the work in progress.


The race course is at an average altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. The mountains are a very different territory from what anyone will experience in the day to day urban life. You are responsible for your own safety and physical ability to cope with the mountains, its terrain, height, altitude, and the risks and threats it can pose to your body and physical ability. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, vertigo, palpitation, chest pain, abdomen pain, muscle pain, fatigue, small injuries, scratches from trees/bushes, are some of the symptoms that you can experience in this environment. Indian Sports Revolution, Race Director, Volunteers, Police Department, Maharashtra State Forest Department, Maharashtra State Archeology Department, under no circumstances, shall be held responsible for your physical ability or to help you cope with these problems. We want you to consult your doctor/physician about your physical ability and get yourself checked before registering yourself for the race.


The Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra are a very fragile eco-system. You should be aware of the fact that there are constant weather changes in the mountains, like wind, rains, storm, fog, heat, cold, darkness, along with geographical changes like erosion, landslide, and rockslide. You will have to be constantly aware of these changes that are a possibility during the course of your race. You should also be able to confront these natural difficulties on your own, without any external help during the entire duration of the race.


The Trail run is not like a city marathon, but a mountain running race set on an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level, so make sure you stay on the marked trail course at all times, and do not drift away from the course for any reason. Chances are you will be going towards the edge of a cliff! Do not try to shortcut the route, always follow the marked route. Remember these are fragile mountains and your forced shortcut entry in any other direction will cause erosion to that area.


Do not argue, fight, verbally or physically with any of your fellow runners, volunteers, organisers or guests. Let’s enjoy the run with a good spirit and have a good time with one another. Who knows you might find a friend in one another!


The forests of Maharashtra are a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna of the Sahyadri. So there is an unlikely chance of your encounter with leopards, wild boar, barking deer, macaques, grazing cattle or other small animals like hares, mongoose, squirrels, snakes and birds during the trail run. It is understood that under no circumstances you harm these animals. If you encounter with any of these, then stop and let the animal pass through. It is best to quietly move away from the animal without teasing or throwing stones at it, otherwise there could be a chance of you being hurt! Sometimes local village dogs accompany you on route, they are friendly.


It is illegal to throw garbage/rubbish/plastic anywhere on the trail run course. Throwing of plastic bags, empty gel tubes, paper, wrappers, cloth, or any other rubbish anywhere on the course is strictly prohibited. Trash bins are available at every aid stations / refreshment posts, so make use of them to dispose off your rubbish. All participants must keep rubbish and wrappers with them until they reach the next aid station / refreshment post to dispose it off.


We do not want you to play loud music on your phone or play songs on bluetooth speakers in your bag and disturb fellow runners and the local wildlife. The beauty is to run in the heart of the forest, experience its grandeur, hear the waters low, birds chirp, feel the air. You can always hit your music when you reach home. We encourage you to conserve your phone battery in case of emergency.


This trail run is a self-supported race although there are refreshments, water, electrolytes, and some finger food provided along the course at various set check points. However, it is advised and mandatory that runners keep at least 1 litre water, and some food on them for emergency. Detailed list of items to be carried is provided in the gear section.


It is very important to note that the entire trail run is a timed event. As per the guidelines of the Pune Forest Department, all running activities must begin at 5:00 am IST

Last 1 hour is kept for evacuating runners who have a DNF in the final stage. All decisions are in accordance with Pune forest department, Pune Rural Police Department, and Indian Sports Revolution volunteers.

There will be no change whatsoever in this decision.

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