22 фев 2021, Tindouf

Sahara Marathon 2021



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You choose your start time between 22 and 28 of february.
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Participants who wish can purchase the official solidarity pack of the test (T-shirt, tubular scarf, book 42 years = 42 km and bib dorsal) for the price of 25 euros (shipping costs included to any point in Spain, 10€ for all other countries).
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ARTICLE 1. XXI SAHARA MARATHON 2021. The Sahara Marathon is a solidarity race with Sahrawi refugees who are living in exile for several decades in the Tindouf camps in Algeria. In these difficult moments in which Covid19 prevents the celebration of the 21st edition of the Sahara Marathon under normal conditions, the organization promotes the event virtually so that all runners can participate and show their solidarity anywhere in the world. It will be held from February 22nd to 28th, 2021 in a virtual way, that is, each one can run the race from the place they want, from 00:00 on February 22nd until 23:59 on February 28th.

ARTICLE 2. PARTICIPATION All those people over 16 years of age (16 years included) who wish may take part in this virtual competition, as long as they are correctly registered, both in time and in form. The registered runner must download the APP to take the race, starting on February 10th. From that moment on, the user with their registration code will be able to use the APP as training. The valid time will be: • Only the one carried out within the dates of the race. • The final time will be the best of the records obtained in the RACE option in the APP. To do this, you will have to press the race start button in said option and complete the registration distance, the registrations made in the Training option both in the days before and after are NOT VALID. • ONLY THE TIME REGISTERED IN THE APP WILL BE VALID, NEVER that of other platforms or measurement systems: GPS watches, running or sports APPs ...

ARTICLE 3. DISTANCE AND TRAVEL The distance options selectable in the APP are: 5k, 10k, 21k and 42k. The distance is selected at the time of registration. As it is a virtual test, each participant chooses the route, within the health regulations of the moment, as attractive as possible, helping to give the maximum in their run. Each runner is solely responsible for complying with the specific prevention measures against Covid19 in force in their city. The route chosen to carry out the race is free, therefore it will also be the responsibility of the participant to comply with the traffic regulations and necessary safety measures. In addition, it is very important to make sure that the chosen route allows good mobile coverage for the correct functioning of the GPS. It is very important to have the APP downloaded on the day of the test at the latest, although the ideal and recommended by the organization is to have it the previous days and test it with the trainings.

ARTICLE 4. CATEGORIES. The following categories are established for each of the races: Individual categories (Years completed on the day of the race) • Absolute • Junior (up to 18 years) • Senior (from 19 to 34 years) • Veterans A (from 35 to 44 years) • Veterans B (45 to 54 years) • Veterans C (55 and over)

ARTICLE 5. REGISTRATION Online from February 10th to February 28th. Registration has a cost of 15 euros that includes participation in the race and the contribution to the solidarity project Sahara Marathon 2021 * Participants who wish can purchase the official solidarity pack of the test (T-shirt, tubular scarf, book 42 years = 42 km and bib dorsal) for the price of 25 euros (shipping costs included to any point in Spain, 10€ for all other countries).

ARTICLE 6. CLASSIFICATIONS The unofficial general classification will be published on the website www.saharamarathon.org and on the event's APP.

ARTICLE 7. DISQUALIFICATIONS The following will be grounds for disqualification: • The athlete who does not complete the entire course. • The athlete who shows non-sports behavior.

ARTICLE 8. ACCEPTANCE All participants, by registering, accept these regulations and in case of doubt or any situation not reflected in it arises, the Organizing Committee will follow. • Each runner will participate under his own responsibility, he claims to have a sufficient level of physical condition to face the race and undertakes to accept these regulations. • Registration is personal and non-transferable and implies acceptance of these regulations. Under no circumstances, once the registration is made, may the participation be transferred to another person, friend or family member due to not being able to take the race. • Runners who are not registered or run without the Official Sahara Marathon App will not be admitted, preventing them from having access to the race in defense of the rights of those registered by regulation.

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