26 Mar 2023, Manila




10 Km

Half Marathon

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1. The National MILO® Marathon is organized by RUNRIO, INC. with local partners in all regional races nationwide.

2. Interested participants are required to pay a non-refundable entry fee alongside the accomplished and signed official registration form.

Registration Fees:
42.195-KM Race P 1,299.00
21-KM Half Marathon Race P 1,199.00
10-KM Run P 999.00
5-KM P 499.00
3-KM P 299.00


3. Participants must be 18 years and above, born in the year 2004, to participate in the Full Marathon (42.195-K) and Half Marathon (21-K). Each runner will have to secure an official ‘Fit-To-Run’ medical certificate signed by a licensed physician within 2 months before race day. Participants who are found to have tampered their medical certificates will automatically waive their insurance coverage.

4. Participants must be 16 years and above, born in the year 2007, to participate in the 10-K race.

5. Participants must be 7 years and above on the race day to participate in the 3-K & 5-K Fun Run.

For the 3-K category, there will be a kiddie run competition exclusive for participants aged 7 to 12 years old, born within the years 2011 to 2016. They are required to submit a photocopy of their NSO birth certificate or current school ID.

For the 5-K category, the competition is open to everyone aged 7 years old and above.

6. 10-K, 5-K, & 3-K participants below the age of 18 must seek their parental/guardian consent and fill up the entry form where the parent/guardian is required to sign.

7. Foreigners with or without working visa can participate and join in all categories however, only local participants can win in the 42.195-K, 21-K, and 10-K category.

8. Start time per category is as follows:

42K (Manila only) 2:00 AM
21K (Manila) 3:30 AM
21K 4:30 AM
10K 5:00 AM
3K 5:30 AM
5K 5:35 AM

9. Participants may claim their official race packets (containing the race number with timing chip attached) thru scheduled kit claiming. official race numbers are non-transferable. Registered runners who will ask another person to use their bibs on the race day will be disqualified from the race, will be held liable for any untoward event which transpires during the conduct of the race and will be banned from the event for a year.

10. The reverse side of the race number must be duly filled up. Participants must wear the assigned race number on his/her chest. Participants not wearing a race number will be taken off the course by the race marshals.

11. Pets, bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles and any other wheel-run objects are not allowed on the course other than the official race and medical vehicles.

12. Participants being paced during the race by a person who is not officially registered in the National MILO® Marathon and accepting assistance from non-race participants will be disqualified.

13. Participants who begin before the actual start time of his/her race category will be disqualified. Likewise, participants who do not start within 10 minutes from respective flag off will be disqualified and may not be allowed to start. No result will be given to disqualified participants.

14. “Gun Time” will be considered to determine the winners. Elite runners are advised to be ready in the starting line at least 15 minutes before gun time and are encouraged to stay at the front of the assembly area.

15. Participants must retire from the race immediately if asked or requested to do so by any member of the organizing committee. Race officials, marshals, medical staff, and security officers have the right to pull-out any participant deemed not physically fit to continue the race.

16. All winners in the 21-K, 10-K, 5-K, and 3-K races (top 10 male and female) CAN NO LONGER compete in any of the succeeding NMM races.

17. The race organizer reserves the right to reject any entrant or disqualify any participant who is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or having taken banned substances and any participant who is found to have misrepresented himself/herself. If his/her identity of eligibility is challenged, it is the responsibility of the participant to prove his/her identity. Participants found to have been dishonest are immediately disqualified and subjected to disciplinary sanctions by the race organizer.

18. Each race category has an official cut-off time that will commence right after the last runner has crossed the starting line:

42.195-K Race - 7 hours after official start of the race
21-K Race - 4 hours after official start of the race
10-K Race - 2 hours after official start of the race
5-K Race - 1 hour after official start of the race
3-K Race 1 hour after official start of the race

19. In order to ensure timely re-opening of roads to normal traffic, the race organizer will designate time limits at specified distances. Participants who fail to reach these specific distances within the times specified must stop running and board the official vehicle. They are automatically disqualified and will be taken directly to the finish venue. Disqualified runners will not be entitled to the finishers medal (where applicable).

Distance Time Limit
21K Race at 10K 1 ½ hours
42K Race at 21K 3 ½ hours
at 32K 5 hours

20. Participants in the 3K and 5K race categories are strongly encouraged not to bring any type of bag(s) on race day. The baggage area provided is solely for longer distance categories such as 10K, 21K, & 42K. The race organizer will not be responsible for any lost item.

21. All protests related to results must be made in writing and submitted within one (1) hour after the end of the race to the race organizer. A non-refundable protest fee amounting to P5,000 is required. Verbal protests will not be entertained.

22. The race organizer may change, without prior notice, any of the rules and regulations that they may deem necessary to ensure the success of the race. The race organizer’s decision is final.

23. Trophies, medals, and cash prizes will be given to the top finishers of the ten (10) qualifying races and the National Finals. Prizes are as follows:

3K Kiddie Run

Boy’s and Girl’s Divisions:

Champion: P1,500 + Trophy

Runner-up: P1,000 + Trophy

3rd Place: P500 + Trophy

4th- 10th Place: Medal

5K Fun Run

Men’s & Women’s Divisions:

Champion: P2,500 + Trophy

Runner-up: P1,500 + Trophy

3rd Place: P1,000 + Trophy

4th-10th Place: Medal

10K Run

Men’s & Women’s Divisions:

Champion: P5,000 + Trophy

Runner-up: P3,000 + Trophy

3rd Place: P2,000 + Trophy

4th-10th Place: Medal

Note: All 10-K finishers within the cut-off time will receive a finisher’s medal.

21K Half Marathon

Men’s & Women’s Divisions:

Champion: P10,000 + Trophy

Runner-up: P6,000 + Trophy

3rd Place: P4,000 + Trophy

4th-10th Place: Medal

42.195K Full Marathon Metro Manila

Men’s & Women’s Divisions:

Champion: P50,000 + Trophy

Runner-up: P30,000 + Trophy

3rd Place: P20,000 + Trophy

4th-10th Place: Medal

Winners are encouraged to be physically present but not a must to receive their awards during the awarding ceremony. Winners who are not physically available at the awarding will be notified by the organizer on how to claim their prizes.

Results will be uploaded within three (3) working days after each race.

Side Events:

1. Biggest School Delegation Competition:

To join, schools must submit their entry forms at the same time. Students must indicate the name of their school on the entry form and submit a photocopy of their school ID for the current school year (front and back). To qualify, a minimum of 50 students must finish the race. Top three schools in each area with the most number of students finishing the 5-K Fun Run and the 3-K Kiddie Run will win the awards. In case of a tie, the winning school will be determined according to the best time recorded.

First Prize: P10,000 worth of sports equipment + trophy
Second Prize: P7,000 worth of sports equipment + trophy
Third Prize: P5,000 worth of sports equipment + trophy

2. Cheer Leading Competition:

There are three divisions: Grade School/Primary School, High School/Secondary School, and College. Each division will have a separate set of winners who will receive cash prizes and plaques as follows:

First Prize: P10,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Second Prize: P7,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Third Prize: P5,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Consolation: P3,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque

Each team must have at least a minimum of 25 performers, and a maximum of 50 including props men and spotters. Any excess beyond the maximum number of participants will merit a point deduction equivalent to the total excess number of participants.

Performers must show coordination, spirit, gracefulness, flexibility, and energy while doing their stunts, gymnastics, and dance routine. Grade school and high participants are encouraged to use MILO® jingle and labels as props. College participants are encouraged to use MILO® labels as props.

The cheer should:

For grade school and high school participants:

a. Boost the pride of the marathon participants

b. Communicate the importance of getting into sports

c. Show how MILO® gives the energy athletes need for sports

d. Should mention that MILO® has been made “more chocomaltee and more nutritious”

For college participants:

a. Boost the pride of the marathon participants

b. Show how MILO® gives the energy adult athletes need for sports


1. The contest shall be open to a maximum of FOUR (4) teams per division. Only one cheer leading team per school will be allowed to join. The selection shall strictly be on a “first come, first served” basis.


1. Contest will start at exactly 6:00 AM.


1. Props must be set on the performance floor as quickly as possible. Teams will have 2 minutes to place everything in order.

2. Time limit will be a minimum of three (3) minutes and a maximum of five (5) minutes.

3. Timing will begin with the first organized word, movement, or note of music by the team after they are officially announced and have taken the floor. The routine must begin within the marked performance area. All team members must come to a complete standstill before beginning their routine.

4. Timing will end with the last organized word, movement, or note of music by the team.

5. Teams must exit the performance area within 2 minutes after the routine. An excess of (5) seconds or more will merit a five (5) point deduction on the performance score.

6. Any skill performed before or after the allotted routine time is prohibited and will be penalized with a five (5) point deduction.

7. Pyramid-building and stunts will be allowed up to two levels only and must be performed within the 10 meter x 10 meter safety floor mats. Violation will merit a five (5) point deduction.

8. Filipino & English language is allowed for the cheer.


1. All teams must have their performance music written on a CD/USB. Duplicate CDs/USBs must be available at the music table in case of lost or damaged CDs/USBs.

2. Cued music CDs/USBs must be submitted to the sound system operator during the event proper on or before 5:30 AM. The CDs/USBs must be clearly labeled with the name of the team.

3. A representative of the team is responsible for starting and stopping the music at the appropriate times of the routine.

4. Music with overtly sexual content, racist or vulgar lyrics is prohibited.

5. Choreography with vulgar or suggestive movements is prohibited.

6. Routines must be appropriate for kids viewing and listening.


1. In the event of an injury, music and/or technical error or any other unexpected event, the head judge and local race organizer reserves the right to stop the routine.

2. The team may perform their routine from the beginning. However, judging and timing will resume from the point at which the interruption occurred as determined by the judges.


1. Spotters must be provided by the participating team. These spotters must not be participating members in the routine. These spotters shall wear designated attire.


1. For the competition, participants will select their performance order through a balloting system. Participating teams must be at the venue before 5:30 AM for the drawing of lots. Late comers will be disqualified from the competition but they can still perform as guests.


1. Decision of judges is final and non-appealable. No representative from any of the contestants is allowed to contact in any manner whatsoever any judge with the intention of questioning the BOARD OF JUDGES announced decision.


PERFORMANCE = 40 points

Expression - 5 points

Points to be aware of: Facial expression, Voice Infection, Props, Cheer

Sideline Arm Motion - 5 points

Points to be aware of: Sharpness, Powerfulness, Speed, Placement, Synchronization

Dance- 5 points

Points to be aware of: Sharpness, Strength, Cheerfulness, Speed, Accuracy, Synchronization, Variety of Movement

Jumps - 5 points

Points to be aware of: Accuracy, Height, Cleanliness, Flexibility, Landing, Variety, Difficulty, Number, Synchronization

Tumbling - 5 points

Points to be aware of: Accuracy, Skill Level, Height, Landing, Variety, Difficulty, Number

Partner Stunts - 5 points

Points to be aware of: Stability, Timing, Technique, Difficulty Transitions, Positioning, Control, Dismount

Pyramids - 10 points

Points to be aware of: Stability, Timing, Technique, Difficulty Transitions, Positioning, Control, Dismount

DIFFICULTY = 20 points

Overall Difficulty - 10 points

Points to be aware of: Skill level, Standard level, Speed

Speed Transition - 10 points

Points to be aware of: Sharpness of skills, Timing, Flow


Synchronizations - 10 points

Points to be aware of: Precision, Placement, Timing

Overall Evaluation - 5 points

Points to be aware of: Choreography, Formation, Spacing

Perfection - 5 points

Points to be aware of: Overall perfection

COSTUME = 5 points

PROPS (with MILO® labels) = 5 points



Deduction can be applied between 0.5 and 5.0 points and are applied mainly for the following;

Bobbles (shaky) – stunts and pyramids

Falls - stunts and pyramids

Poor techniques

Shortage of spotters

Disordered formation

Note: Safety, time and out of bounds are not included here.

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