Aug 24 2019, Tuineje

7 Travesía a nado Playitas Resort – Gran Tarajal



Travesía a nado Playitas Resort – Gran Tarajal
24/08/2019 10:00 5km

Lista de Espera
24/08/2019 10:00 5km

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Contact the organizer677515183

Basic info.

Race location
10:00 Departure time at Las Playitas Resort Each swimmer will have to place "on the right leg the corresponding Velcro chip", facilitated by the Organization, before the start of the Crossing. Before the start the participants will take control of exit through chip control. Without him he will not be able to take the exit and he will be automatically disqualified. If for any reason the chip is lost during the Journey, the participant will have the obligation to immediately inform the Organization. In the same way all swimmers will have to perform the test with the cap provided by the Organization, as a badge to be seen by security personnel. It is important that each swimmer communicate to the Organization their withdrawal of the test personally or through the members of Security
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There is no refund already made the Registration