Oct 10 2021, Barcelona

Barcelona Triathlon by Santander 2021



10/10/2021 13:00 28.25km

10/10/2021 12:00 28.75km

10/10/2021 08:10 28.25km

10/10/2021 08:10 26.75km

10/10/2021 08:10 26.75km

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1. Definition:

The BARCELONA TRIATHLON is a Triathlon event, which will begin at 08:10 am, open to all types of athletes. It will be held on October 10, 2021 and is organized by the Barcelona City Council.

This sprint-distance race is widely popular, with its core location being in the coastal area of the Mar Bella.

In this edition there will also be one international event with participation restricted to elite athletes (European Triathlon Championship), which will begin at 12:00 noon.

2. Distances and modalities




  • 750m swimming (1 lap)

  • 7Km cycling (3 laps)

  • 5Km running on foot (1 lap)


Individual: Participants perform the triathlon individually.

Couples: Two participants perform the triathlon together from the start to the finish line. At each time check point the couple’s progress will be recorded together throughout the race.

Relays: A team of 3 participants takes part in the triathlon in relays. One swim + one pedal + one run = 3 cross the finish line together. Teams can have 2 participants, in which case one participant will complete 2 segments.

For reasons of safety, viability or publicity, the organization, reserves the right to modify the course and organize start times in different shifts that will be published in the corresponding section on the website www.barcelona-triathlon.com days before the race is held. These changes will be made as a general rule based on the estimated final time that each participant indicates on the registration form.

3. Participation and insurance:

Participation in the Barcelona Triathlon is open to people of any nationality, affiliated with a triathlon organization or not, over 18 years old.

Participants join the race under their own responsibility and ensure that they have the required level of fitness and technical mastery to compete. Participants agree to have their race material in perfect condition.

Participation is allowed individually, in pairs or in relays of 2-3 components (one swims, another does the cycling section and another does the running section, or one component does two segments).

The Organization will have a Civil Liability insurance policy, in accordance with current legislation. Participants not affiliated with a triathlon organization will be covered by an accident insurance policy taken out by the organization. Participants who indicate that they are affiliated with a triathlon organization upon registering will have to prove their condition at the time of receiving their bib; otherwise, they will have to pay the difference in the price of the registration when they pick it up in order to cover the cost of insurance.

4. Registration:

Registration is personal and non-transferable and implies acceptance of all articles of these regulations, as well as the purchase conditions.

Participants can register individually, in pairs or in relays of 2-3 components.

The price is listed in the registration section of the website and can be processed using the online payment system by credit or debit card: Visa or Mastercard.

5. Receiving bibs:

All the material necessary to participate in the triathlon will be distributed in the area designated for this purpose Tri Expo within the hours established in the program.
The organization will provide a bib, bike and helmet stickers, a swimming cap, a bracelet and a chip to ALL participants.
The chip must be returned at the end of the race. Individually owned bibs and chips will not be used to participate in the BarcelonaTriathlon.
The organization will not deliver any material, merchandise or otherwise after the established deadline; therefore, participants who do not pick up their material within the period indicated will lose their right to receive them.

6. Cancellations and returns:

Registration for the Barcelona Triathlon does NOT include a refund of the registration fee under any circumstances, including injuries, accidents, travel, shift changes, etc.

The amount will only be refunded in the event that the race cannot be held due to restrictions imposed by the country’s health authorities and for reasons of public health and safety.

Participants are also prohibited from transferring the registration to another participant under any circumstances, including those mentioned above.

7. Safety and medical care:

Public road safety and traffic control will be the responsibility of security personnel. A private surveillance service will monitor the transition area and access thereto for all people.
In each of the three segments of the triathlon healthcare will be provided in accordance with current regulations, the number of participants and the high percentage of non-expert athletes present in the Barcelona Triathlon. The medical services of the organization provided for the race is authorized to withdraw any participant for medical reasons.

8. Personal data:

In accordance with the personal data protection regulations, we inform you that your personal data included in this form will be processed by the Barcelona City Council in order to manage the registration of the Barcelona Triathlon by Santander 2021 (treatment 0639 - Sporting events in the public space organized by the IBE). This purpose is mandatory.

Your data will be processed by the company CRONOCHIP as "data processor" for the management of the entity in this sporting event and always under the guidelines of the person responsible for the file, the Barcelona City Council. You expressly consent to the processing of your data for the indicated purpose, authorize us to publish your data in the list of registered as well as its result in this sporting event, and to send you communications related to the event.

Likewise, and in accordance with the sports, promotion and exploitation interests of the Barcelona Triathlon by Santander 2021 around the world (reproduction of photographs of the circuit, broadcasting of videos, publication of classifications, etc.) through any device (television, Internet, graphic advertising, etc.) and without time limit, the registered ones expressly give the organization the right to reproduce their name and surname , the place obtained in the classification, his photographs and his videos.

For the management of the sporting event, the Barcelona City Council may manage, process and manage participation in the Barcelona Triathlon by Santander 2021, manage the information from it, especially the time, photographs and / or videos of participation; as well as carrying out surveys, statistics and market analysis, developing profiles of participants in order to personalize and improve the organization.

Your data will not be transferred to third parties and will be deleted once the legal obligations arising from the requested management have been fulfilled. You have the right to access, rectify and delete your data, as well as other rights established by the data protection regulations. You can consult additional information about this processing and data protection at www.bcn.cat/ajuntament/protecciodades.

9. Authorized vehicles:

Motor vehicles, bicycles or skaters that do not belong to the organization will not be allowed to pass through the circuits during each race. Authorized vehicles monitoring the races must carry visible identification at all times.
Receiving external help other than that provided by the organization or being accompanied by a vehicle or skater may result in disqualification of the participant.

10. Timing:

Partial times will be recorded in all three sections of the triathlon using the chip. The loss or misplacement of the chip will result in disqualification of the participant (it must be carried on the ankle during all 3 segments).
Each participant or team will appear exclusively in the classification of their modality.

11. Citizenship and respect:

Participants accept each of the articles under this regulation and agree to participate honestly according to the competition rules and to cover all the complete sections before crossing the finish line. They also state that they will be respectful of the staff involved in the organization and of the other participants. They also undertake to treat their own and other people's sports equipment with respect.
To help ensure the minimum environmental impact of the races, participants will use the containers located in the refreshment stations to throw away their bottles after drinking and will refrain from throwing any food or other packaging on the ground during the race.

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